National Remembrance Day 2018

The 4th May is the annual Dodenherdenking (Remembrance Day) in the Netherlands commemorating those who gave their lives, civilians as well as armed forces, in World War II, when the Netherlands was occupied, plus other conflicts since.

Along with the Prime Minister, parliamentarians, other journalists’ organizations, the Hague Council and officials the BPV took part in the Remembrance Ceremony at Nieuwspoort International Press Centre in Den Haag. The commemoration address was given by Cees van der Laan, Editor of Trouw, and music played by the Haganum Youth String Orchestra.

Following the ceremony, the BPV was one of the eight groups laying a wreath at the monument on the wall by the entrance to Nieuwspoort. Remembering also all journalists who have died in the line of duty the Foreign Press Association wreath was laid by board members Guy Thornton and David Morales Urbanjah. gt/








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