27 May 2021
Anticipating The Golden Couch Exhibition
What is ‘gold’ in the Golden Coach, the famous coach that Amsterdam offered as a gift to the first woman on the Dutch throne? In the context of the Golden Age debate triggered in 2019 by Amsterdam Museum, the Golden Coach is more than a simple vehicle. For the first time since its five-year restoration, the coach will be exhibited for the public and placed carefully in the nowadays debate. Members of the Foreign Press Association are invited for a special online meeting with directors and curators of the Amsterdam Museum who put together a special exhibition.

When: May 27th, from 13.00 to 14.30

Register before May 26th at 13.00 by sending an email to You will receive the link on May 27th in the morning.

Working language: The program is in English but questions can be asked in English and Dutch.
9 April 2021
Organisers from Eurovision will speak to the BPV about their specific roles in the organization and give us some insights into what plans are now being implemented.
23 Maart 2021
Eurojust Direcot Ladislav Hamran will meet with BPV members at a web meeting, after the organisation presents its annual report to the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE).

Eurojust works with national authorities to combat a wide range of serious and complex cross-border crimes involving two or more countries. The Agency leads the judicial response to growing threats in Europe, enabling the Member States to keep one step ahead of criminals, mainly focusing on organised crime groups.
2 Maart 2021
Online Debate with Sheila Sitalsing
(Volkskrant,Mark. Portret van een premier.’ (2016)) , Wendelmoet Boersema (Trouw), Armen Hakhverdian (UvA, podcast Stuk Rood Vlees)
17 Maart 2021
bpv ontmoet sophie van leeuwen
Sophie van Leeuwen on her book 'Stilte of het Binnenhof'
29 Januari 2021
Petra de Koning
Petra de Koning on het book 'Mark Rutte'
8 December 2020
Climate Adaption Summit press briefing
Henk Ovink, Special Water Envoy, and Patrick Verkooijen, CEO Global Center for Adaptation
25 Juni 2020
Serge Brammertz
Serge Brammertz, Chief Prosecutor for the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals, on 25 years of Srebrenica, Mladic trial and role of ICTY concerning Srebrenica
2 Juni 2020
Marieke de Hoon
VU legal expert on MH17 trial
12 December 2019
Stef Blok
Minister of Foreign Affairs
11 December 2019
End of Year Rijksmuseum Boerhave in Leiden
2 December 2019
Formula 1 at Zandvoort
20 November 2019
ICC Experts Kate Orlovsky
nternational Bar Association in The Hague, Amal Nasser, FIDH and Kevin Jon Heller, UvA professor of international law