BPV Members visited Leeuwarden, the European Capital of Culture 2018

On April 24th, the bpv was invited to visit Leeuwarden, European Capital of Culture of the Year 2018. First, we met with Joop Mulder, creative director of Sense of Place and founder of the Oerol festival. The very different projects, Sense of Place is initiating this year and the coming years are about cultural landscape development. Main focus is the ‘Waddenzee’ the tidelands on the coast that are UNESCO cultural heritage. In Leeuwarden, Mulder showed the bpv two projects: ‘Waterpanorama’ right across the station of Leeuwarden and the ‘Waddenkelder’, a tideland landscape transplanted into the basement of an office building. Maarten Hajer, distinguished professor of Urban Futures at the university of Utrecht showed the group through the exhibition ‘Places of Hope’, that draws a positive perspective on the future.
After a quick lunch the group were shown the exhibition Escher op Reis in the Fries Museum. We met conservator Judith Spijksma who shed a light on the early works and namely Italian works of M. C. Escher. /bb/









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