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Je suis Charlie!

The Foreign Press Association of the Netherlands condemns in the strongest possible terms the cowardly attack on our colleagues at Charlie Hebdo in Paris earlier today.

The attack by unidentified gunmen is no only a criminal act, but clearly also an attempt to silence the voices that believe in one of our most fundemental human rights, namely freedom of speech and those protecting that right.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those journalists and police officers who died and were injured today. We call on the powers that be, to ensure that the perpetrators are caught and punished according to the law.

Our voices will not be silenced.

Jan Hennop President Buitenlandse Persvereniging - Foreign Press Association (PPV-FPA)

On a sunny Saturday morning in April 2012 a news alert flashed on the computer screens of journalists all over the Netherlands: "Dutch headed for early elections after talks collapse." Within hours, most of the foreign press corps, together with their local colleagues were gathered at Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte's official residence at Catshuis in The Hague. There, Rutte revealed that long-followed wrangling on how to tackle Europe's growing debt crisis collapsed, prompting the fall of his government followed by an announcement that early elections were now likely..

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