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The Foreign Press Association of the Netherlands is shocked by the sentencing of three Al-Jazeera journalists including Australian Peter Greste in Egypt after being accused of aiding the black-listed Muslim Brotherhood.

Greste and Egyptian-Canadian Mohamed Fadel Fahmy each got seven years, while producer Baher Mohamed was handed two sentences, one for seven years and the other for three years. 11 other journalists including Dutch journalist Rena Netjes were tried in absentia and given 10 years. Al-Jazeera, like any international news outlet, trades on its unbiased reportage, especially in the Arab-speaking world. It has widely been said that the journalists in question were merely reporting on the Egyptian opposition, as is required of them by professional standards.

The FPA calls on the Egyptian government to reconsider the harsh sentences against journalists for merely doing their jobs. It further calls on the Egyptian government to allow journalists the freedom to report on all aspects of the country as it moves towards the restoration of peace and security.
On a sunny Saturday morning in April 2012 a news alert flashed on the computer screens of journalists all over the Netherlands: "Dutch headed for early elections after talks collapse." Within hours, most of the foreign press corps, together with their local colleagues were gathered at Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte's official residence at Catshuis in The Hague. There, Rutte revealed that long-followed wrangling on how to tackle Europe's growing debt crisis collapsed, prompting the fall of his government followed by an announcement that early elections were now likely..

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